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...as Lieutenant Shea (1968).

Carl Byrd is the actor who played Lieutenant Shea in the original series episode "By Any Other Name".

He also appeared with fellow TOS guest star Christopher Held in episodes of Mission: Impossible (also with Joseph Bernard), Taxi, The Jeffersons, and St. Elsewhere (with Ed Begley, Jr., Ellen Bry, and Norman Lloyd). Other television series on which he has appeared include I Dream of Jeannie (with David Soul), Barnaby Jones (with Lee Meriwether), Cannon (with Sharon Acker, Michael Bell, and George D. Wallace), and Quincy (with Robert Ito and Garry Walberg). He also appeared in the film Template:IMDb-name, starring Brock Peters, in 1972 and had small roles in Template:IMDb-name (1977, with Roy Jenson and Robert Phillips) and Template:IMDb-name (1984, with David Graf).

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