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Carlos Augusto Cestero (born 4 May 1949; age 72) is the actor who was credited for playing the Munitions Man in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Though he played a somewhat significant role in early versions of the film, his appearance in the film was almost completely left on the cutting room floor, making his appearance in the film the role of a rather insignificant background character.

Cestero was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico and played his first roles in the television series Wide World Mystery (1975), the drama Maten al león (1977), and the comedy Dios los cría... (1979). Other credits are Brian De Palma's drama Scarface (1983, with F. Murray Abraham and Harris Yulin), the drama La Gran fiesta (1985), the television thriller Clinton and Nadine (1988), the thriller Sex Crimes (1992, with Raymond D. Turner), the drama Gas, Food Lodging (1992, with Robert Knepper), the science fiction film The Survivor (1998, with Richard Herd), and the drama Paradiese Lost (1999, with Marina Sirtis).

Cestero's television credits include the series Miami Vice (1986 and 1988, with Victor Rivers in the latter one), Superboy (1990), and Disney Presents The 100 Lives of Black Jack Savage (1991, with Daniel Hugh Kelly).

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