Carmen Davila was a civilian engineer and a senior member of the Melona IV colony project. She was one of the first settlers to arrive on the planet in 2368, and was eager to begin construction and "set down roots." Davila worked with the USS Enterprise-D personnel Commander Will Riker, Lieutenant Commander Data, and Doctor Beverly Crusher to make plans for the first buildings on the colony. She became close to Commander Riker, and the two were to share dinner the night of an attack by the Crystalline Entity.

Davila was consumed when the Crystalline Entity destroyed the colony site in order to absorb all the biomatter on the planet. She died attempting to save an elderly man who had fallen while fleeing to a series of underground caverns with the rest of the Melona colonists.

Davila's death was painful for Riker, and made him question the Enterprise-D's plan to communicate with the Entity. He believed that should their attempts fail and the Entity escape, more lives could be placed in danger, an opinion he expressed to Captain Picard.

Riker later sent a letter to Davila's family when Starfleet notified them of her death and returned her personal effects. (TNG: "Silicon Avatar")

Carmen Davila was played by actress Susan Diol.

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