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Carol M. Abney is an actress who portrayed a Vulcan Seleya crewmember in the Star Trek: Enterprise third season episode "Impulse". As a background performer she received no credit for this appearance and was identified by the name tag of her costume which was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]

Born in Lima, Peru, Abney earned her BA in Theater from the University of California in San Diego and her MA in Dance from the Rotterdam Dance Academy. She trained acting, singing, and movement under Joey Garza, Jeff Sable, Anne Bogart, and Ron Gillis and performed in various stage plays in San Diego including Sons of the Sun, The Elephant Man, and Distraction. As a professional dancer she also worked as choreographer for productions such as the short comedy Terry Tate, Office Linebacker (2002, with Sean Smith and stunts by Jane Austin and Kurt D. Lott).

Abney appeared in several commercials for Bata Shoes, Zocor, Military Recruitment, and IBM and had guest parts in the television series Cover Me (2000, with Tony Amendola and Kellie Waymire), Strong Medicine (2003, with Michelle Horn), and ER (2008, with Scott Grimes and Leland Orser).

Abney's film credits include the independent film Black Hole (2002), the short horror film Anima (2003, with Melodee Spevack), the drama Shutter (2006), the thriller The Genius Club (2006), the short drama The Orchard (2007), the thriller Sister's Keeper (2007, with Richard Tanner), the drama Roman Candles (2007), the drama Live Fast, Die Young (2008, with Mike Baldridge), and the short comedy Office Banter (2008) on which she also worked as producer.

More recently she wrote the comedy Vapor Trails (2009).

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