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Carol Kunz is a costumer and costume/ wardrobe supervisor who worked on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise. She began on Star Trek: The Next Generation as a costumer and would work as a key costumer on several episodes after becoming Wardrobe Supervisor. She and Camille Argus worked as Wardrobe Supervisors on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Star Trek: Voyager while the two shows were being produced at the same time; their on-screen credits were alternated weekly. Kunz also worked in the wardrobe department of the 1996 documentary Star Trek: 30 Years and Beyond with fellow costumers Pamela Berggren, Monica Haynes, and Stephanie Lipsky.

Kunz shared two Emmy Award nominations with Robert Blackman for her work on Voyager. She was nominated for the episodes "Muse" in 2000 and "Shattered" in 2001. Carol Kunz and C. Kunz, names seen on okudagrams and set art work, were named after her.

Prior to her involvement with Trek, Kunz was a costumer on such films as the fantasy film Masters of the Universe (1987, which featured DS9 guest star Frank Langella and Voyager star Robert Duncan McNeill), the crime romance Tequila Sunrise (1988), the drama Steel Magnolias (1989, featuring Bibi Besch), and the comedy Sibling Rivalry (1990, starring Kirstie Alley and Scott Bakula). In addition, she worked in the wardrobe department on the science fiction film Cherry 2000 (1987, starring David Andrews) and was the assistant to costume designer Julie Weiss on the drama 1969 (1988, co-starring Joanna Cassidy and Mariette Hartley).

Following her work on the Star Trek franchise, Kunz worked as costume supervisor on the television series Sleeper Cell (2005), Day Break (2006-2007), Pushing Daisies (2007-2009), FlashForward (2010), and The Cape (2011). For her work on Pushing Daisies, Kunz won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Costumes for a Series in 2009 which she shared with costume designer Robert Blackman.

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