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Caroline A. Gibson (also known as Caroline Hoyt) is an actress who was a regular background performer on Star Trek: Voyager where she appeared as an operations division officer. A Starfleet undershirt worn by her was sold off on the It's A Wrap! sale and auction on eBay. [1]

She has been married to fellow Voyager background actor Kerry Hoyt since 2001 and the couple is residing in Burbank, California. [2]

Beside her Star Trek appearances, Gibson portrayed a donation student in the drama With Honors (1994), a news anchor in the comic adaptation Spawn (1997, with Melinda Clarke, Michael Papajohn, Frank Welker, John Cothran, Jr., Jay Caputo, Laura Stepp, and Stewart Lew), and a sorority girl in the drama Man on the Moon (1999, with Vincent Schiavelli, Gene LeBell, Rob Steiner, Tracey Walter, Kelly Sheerin, Jacqueline Case, Kelly Cooper, and Christopher Lloyd).

More recently, she lent her voice to the short thriller All the Difference (2008).

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