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A 20th-century cartoon

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A tribble cartoon character

For the 1970s animated Star Trek series, see Star Trek: The Animated Series or the 2020s animated Star Trek series, please see Star Trek: Lower Decks.

Cartoons were an early type of animated art form originating from Earth. They could take the form of movies or artwork.

When Malcolm Reed and Trip Tucker were waiting for rescue in their disabled shuttlepod, Tucker remembered a cartoon he saw once with two garden snails on the back of a turtle, one turning to the other to say "Hold on, Fred. Here we go". (ENT: "Shuttlepod One")

The mascot for Tribbles cereal was a cartoon tribble riding on a skateboard. In a commercial for that product, the tribble skated on the rim of the cereal bowl in the mess hall of the USS Ravenous. He then multiplied into three after saying "We're pregnant...with flavor!" (ST: "The Trouble with Edward")

Tom Paris enjoyed watching cartoons such as Daffy Duck and the Dinosaur on the television set B'Elanna Torres gave to him as a gift. (VOY: "Memorial", "Workforce, Part II")

Numerous businesses on Freecloud used semi-interactive holographic mascots to advertise their products and services; many of these mascots were cartoon characters. (PIC: "Stardust City Rag")

List of cartoons

List of cartoon characters

The Star Trek Encyclopedia (4th ed., vol. 1, p. 123) defined cartoon as a "motion picture made from a series of drawings simulating motion by means of sequential progressive changes in the drawings. Cartoons were popular in 20th century American culture and frequently featured stylized, anthropomorphic animals and slapstick humor."
Star Trek: The Animated Series was itself also a cartoon, and in the episode "One of Our Planets Is Missing", archive footage from 1973's Lassie cartoon was used to depict a scene on Earth with children playing with their dog in a rural setting. The musical score was also used in a variety of other Filmation cartoons, including the DC Comics animated series The New Adventures of Batman.

Chekov watching a computer-animated cartoon

In a 2014 Xfinity commercial, Spock and Chekov beamed down to an unknown location which they presumed was sometime in the future. While there, Chekov was watching a computer-animated cartoon, which was Despicable Me 2, which feature the characters known as the Minions.

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