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Daniel Cary McCrystal is an assistant camera operator who worked as Second Assistant Camera Operator on the seventh season of Star Trek: The Next Generation and on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

His name also appeared as one of the members of Starfleet Operations whose name was present on the USS Pasteur dedication plaque. McCrystal's Planet, seen on an okudagram in the seventh season episode "Inheritance", was also named after him.

According to the production report for the first day of filming of the episode "Defiant" on 30 September 1994, McCrystal was replaced on this day by John Stradling as he went home due to backache.

Beside his work on Star Trek, McCrystal worked as assistant camera operator on the fantasy film Prancer (1989), the crime movie Keaton's Cop (1990), the drama The Indian Runner (1991), the crime comedy The Player (1992), the comedy Captain Ron (1992), and the short film Lonely Place (2004, starring Kurtwood Smith).

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