Cassandra was a colonist stranded on a planet in the Orellius system in 2370.

At Alixus' urging, Cassandra attempted to seduce Benjamin Sisko. When the field preventing the colonists from leaving was disabled, Cassandra, like her fellow colonists, decided to stay. According to the colony leader Alixus, if Cassandra had not come to the Orellius system, she might have become a technical clerk in some closed-in room. (DS9: "Paradise")

Cassandra was played by Julia Nickson.
Nickson commented: "It was rather intimidating to think a young lady who mostly does menial work was going to have even the slightest chance of manipulating Captain Sisko. I would say Cassandra was used to obeying Alixus. As she had no immediate family, Alixus certainly represented a mother figure in the way that many cult leaders have been able to approximate. I think Cassandra would’ve loved to have left the planet with Sisko and O'Brien and wear the latest fashions, but to leave all that was familiar, knowing that one would not have resources or training to inhabit a new environment, would have been much too frightening. As we look at the world and its similar problems, most people are happy in their home environments and would not choose to leave if peace prevailed" [1]
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