Castle O'Dell was an ancient Irish castle in the Paris 042 holodeck program.

Situated atop a path leading from the town of Fair Haven, its battlement overlooked the distant city of Dublin. According to local legend, the King of the Faeries would reclaim the castle at nightfall, and any mortal who dined on his food would be transported to the spirit realm.

After discussing poetry at the Fair Haven train station, Michael Sullivan suggested to Kathryn Janeway that the two journey together to Castle O'Dell. He remarked that while he did not necessarily believe the superstitions surrounding the place, he had respect for them nonetheless. (VOY: "Fair Haven")

Tom Paris was involved in an automobile accident while on his way to Castle O'Dell. After observing him change a flat tire with what appeared to be magic, Seamus voiced his concern to a group of Fair Haven citizens in Sullivan's pub that Paris and his companions might be up at Castle O'Dell conspiring against them. (VOY: "Spirit Folk")

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