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Services separate from video on demand options paired with traditional broadcasting options where Star Trek is available to watch.

While streaming services have similarities with the traditional broadcasters, and regardless of whether or not they require a (subscription) fee, they differ in this respect that productions offered by them, in most cases free of commercials, are accessible at will and at any given time, contrary to the traditional broadcasters where productions are beholden to assigned time-slots. The majority of traditional broadcasters worldwide incidentally, have in the meantime established their own streaming services as well (some requiring an additional subscription beyond the traditional television license fees/taxes), where viewers can re-watch productions that have originally been aired the traditional way. In the UK, BBC iPlayer of broadcaster BBC is one such service. CBS All Access is an American counterpart for CBS Studios, but differs in this respect that it also offers original content, most conspicuously, Star Trek: Discovery and Star Trek: Picard.

Similarly, while streaming services very much resemble the digital and cable (rental) "Video-on-Demand" (VoD, or "Pay-per-view" – PPV – as it was initially also known as) services as offered by, for example,, the major difference here concerns the very limited time-span the one-production-only is available to a consumer who has paid for it through VoD as a rental, in contrast to the unrestricted access to all productions a streaming service offers – provided that a subscription is taken out for the commercial ones. VoD is in essence the successor of the classic, physical home video format rental circuit.

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