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Catherine Mary Hicks (born 6 August 1951; age 69) is the actress who portrayed Dr. Gillian Taylor in Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

Hicks is best known for her starring role as Annie Camden in the television series 7th Heaven. Fellow Star Trek film performer Stephen Collins co-stars with Hicks on this series as her husband, Reverend Eric Camden, Graham Jarvis as her father Charles Jackson and Michelle Phillips as her older sister.

Prior to this, Hicks was a regular on the daytime soap opera Ryan's Hope, playing Dr. Faith Coleridge from 1976 through 1978. Also starring on this program at that time were Star Trek: Voyager star Kate Mulgrew and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine actor Andrew Robinson. Hicks went on to play Dr. Emily Rappant on the short-lived series The Bad News Bears, co-starring Star Trek III: The Search for Spock's Phillip Richard Allen. In 1994, she and Ed Begley, Jr. played husband-and-wife in another short-lived series, Winnetka Road, also starring Richard Herd.

Aside from Star Trek IV, Hicks could be seen in many other motion pictures throughout the 1980s, having had major supporting roles in such films as Death Valley (1982, co-starring Stephen McHattie), Peggy Sue Got Married (1986, with Don Stark), Life Father Like Son (1987, with Armin Shimerman, Kitty Swink, Michael Horton, and Dakin Matthews), Secret Ingredient (1988, with Jeff Corey), Souvenir (1989, co-starring Christopher Plummer), and She's Out of Control (1989, with Wallace Shawn and Derek McGrath). Possibly her best known film role, however, is that of a mother vicitmized by her son's doll in the popular 1988 horror movie Child's Play, co-starring Chris Sarandon and Brad Dourif.

Hicks also had the lead role of Marilyn Monroe in the 1980 made-for-TV movie Marilyn: The Untold Story (also featuring Brad Blaisdell). The following year, she starred in Jacqueline Susann's Valley of the Dolls, a 1981 TV movie also starring Jean Simmons and Janet MacLachlan. In 1989, she played Bruce Greenwood's ex-wife in the TV movie Spy.

Her later film credits include 1991's Liebestraum (with Zach Grenier and Thomas Kopache), 1995's Dillinger and Capone (co-starring F. Murray Abraham, Jeffrey Combs, Clint Howard, Bert Remsen, and Time Winters) and 1997's Turbulence (with James MacDonald and Scott Lawrence). She was also seen in such TV movies as Hi Honey - I'm Dead (1991, with Gregory Itzin) and For All Time (2000, with Bill Cobbs).

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