A cavalry raid was a military tactic from Earth history. In the past, Earth soldiers mounted on horses in a unit type called cavalry, which possessed superior speed and mobility. The tactic involved charging behind enemy lines, attacking various targets and then retreating before being captured.

A modified version of this tactic was employed by the Klingon military in the 23rd century and 24th century. Part of a Klingon force would attack the target, while the rest remained cloaked. When the enemy began repairs, the remaining ships would decloak and attack in the middle of damage control efforts.

Kor and Kang made such a cavalry raid against the Federation at Caleb IV in the 23rd century. General Martok also employed it against the Dominion starbase on Trelka V in 2375 utilizing five Klingon Bird-of-Prey. He planned to follow this attack by hitting the Manora shipyards, Sheva II and the Borias Cluster. When he outlined his plan to Benjamin Sisko, Sisko recognized the tactic and called it a cavalry raid. (DS9: "Once More Unto the Breach")

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