Cavit was a Human male who served as a Starfleet officer in the late-24th century.

In 2371, Cavit held the rank of lieutenant commander and was assigned as Captain Kathryn Janeway's first officer on the newly-commissioned USS Voyager.

During Voyager's maiden voyage to the Badlands to locate the Maquis raider Val Jean, Cavit manned the bridge tactical station alongside Ensign Rollins, in Lieutenant Tuvok's absence, as he was undercover in the Maquis. Cavit also had to interact with Tom Paris for the mission, who was brought on board Voyager to act as a mission observer. Cavit, like several other officers, immediately displayed contempt for him, believing his criminal past did not afford him the right to be on board. Cavit readied Voyager and coordinated its departure from Deep Space 9 to head to the Badlands. There, it was hit by a massive displacement wave, later found to have been generated by the Caretaker's array. As a result of the impact, Cavit was killed instantly and Voyager became stranded in the Delta Quadrant.

Cavit was later replaced as first officer by Chakotay. (VOY: "Caretaker")

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Cavit was played by Scott Jaeck. However, he received no on screen credit for his role in "Caretaker" although he had dialogue.

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The novelization of "Caretaker" states that in the year 2358 he served on the USS Kingston, a Federation colony-relief transport, during which time his commanding officer was killed by the Orions. It also notes that, during the events of the episode, Captain Janeway makes a mental note to speak to him regarding his attitude towards Paris on the basis that he is a Starfleet officer and needs to act more professional.

Cavit also appears in the The Brave and the Bold, Book Two novella "The Third Artifact", which gives his first name as "Aaron". The story recounts the Voyager's shakedown cruise in the year 2371. Cavit is revealed to have had a romantic relationship with USS Hood first officer Dina Voyskunsky before an acrimonious breakup in 2359. When the Hood comes to the Voyager's assistance following a series of system malfunctions, the two of them agree to get together at the conclusion of their current missions. Unfortunately, due to the events of "Caretaker", this never happens.

In an alternate timeline featured in the Star Trek: Myriad Universes novella A Gutted World, Voyager was never stranded in the Delta Quadrant and Cavit served as its first officer until it was destroyed by the Cardassians in 2373.

His name was spelled "Cavitt" in the short story The Ones Left Behind.

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