Celebium is a radioactive material, prolonged exposure to which was fatal to humanoid life. Celebium was found in abundance on the planet Camus II.

In 2269, it caused the death of all the staff stationed on Camus II, except for Janice Lester, who had led them where the shielding against it was weakest, and Arthur Coleman. (TOS: "Turnabout Intruder")

According to the Star Fleet Medical Reference Manual, which listed it on p. 17, the element celebium, whose chemical symbol was Cb, atomic mass of the most stable isotope 299, atomic number 113, had originally been discovered on the planet Mercury in 2023.
In the same reference manual, in the section on "Radiation," on p. 25, it was described as emitting a unique type of particle radiation that was deadly to humanoids; the entry on it also observed that it was evidently the decay product of an ancient thermonuclear war the Camusites apparently fought instead of developing space flight.

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