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The degree Celsius, also known as centigrade (or simply °C) was a unit of temperature based on the metric system.

The Celsius temperature scale was designed so that the freezing point of water was 0 °C, and the boiling point was 100 °C at one Earth atm, which resulted in the zero point of the temperature unit Kelvin (or "absolute zero") being at −273.15 °C.

The body function panels in sickbay measured a patient's body temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit. (Star Trek: The Original Series)

The replicators aboard a Federation starship like the USS Enterprise-D were calibrated to the Celsius metric system. (TNG: "The Defector")

Comparative list of temperatures[]

−291 °Celsius is about eighteen degrees below absolute zero (0 Kelvin), which is a theoretical impossibility, suggesting this was a production mistake and actually meant to be −291 °Fahrenheit (−179 °Celsius).

  • 1 °Celsius: Temperature for condensed suspension of water vapor, otherwise known as fog. (TNG: "Sub Rosa")
2024 - day, date and temperature

Date, time and temperature in 2024

  • 21 °Celsius: Temperature Humans preferred in order to operate most efficiently, according to Data's observations. (TNG: "Starship Mine")
  • 30 °Celsius: Maximum temperature at which liquefied platinum could remain stable. (ENT: "The Xindi")

The average body temperature of a Human was 37 °Celsius. In the script for "The Most Toys", after Varria kissed his lips and discovered it to be warm, Data informed her that he had adjustable temperature and chose this degree to approximate Human skin texture.

  • 39.4 °Celsius: Temperature detected by initial scans made by the USS Grissom of Sector 2 on the Genesis Planet, indicating also that it was a desert terrain with minimal vegetation. (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)
  • 45 °Celsius: The higher end of the range for the surface temperature on Argeth. (DIS: "Scavengers")
Habitat - Federation

Readout of Federation habitat

  • 76 °Celsius: Ambient temperature of both the Federation and Bourget habitat zones, found on board the Nyrian biosphere vessel. (VOY: "Displaced")

Based on the habitat seen on screen, this temperature figure was likely a production mistake and actually meant to be 76 °Fahrenheit (24 °Celsius), which is a comfortable temperature for Humans.

  • 150 °Celsius: Constant temperature of a pool of thick swirling ooze the Legarans preferred to inhabit in. (TNG: "Sarek")

Variations in temperature[]

Although not explicitly stated in terms of "degrees of what", the following temperature references were most likely in Celsius.

  • 20 degree increase of temperature occurred on the planet where Dukat and Sisko were stranded in 2374, when the wind died down, much to the liking of Dukat's Cardassian physiology. (DS9: "Waltz")

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