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Cenex Casting was a casting company specialized in casting background performers, stand-ins and body doubles. Cenex Casting worked with the company Central Casting on casting the background performers on the two Star Trek films Star Trek: First Contact and Star Trek: Insurrection. It was located in 220 S Flower St, Burbank, CA 91502-2101. Cenex was the "non-union arm" of Central Casting until the two companies merged sometime before 2006. [1]

Cenex Casting worked on television series such as Baywatch (1989-1990, with Monte Markham and Tracee Cocco), Nick Knight (1989), WIOU (1990-1991, starring Harris Yulin, Phil Morris, Wallace Langham, Robin Gammell, Kate McNeil, and Mariette Hartley), Twin Peaks (1990-1991, starring Mädchen Amick, Ray Wise, Carel Struycken, Michael John Anderson, Wendy Robie, and Richard Beymer), On the Air (1992, starring Tracey Walter, Miguel Ferrer, and David L. Lander), and Space Rangers (1993, starring Marjorie Monaghan, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa, and Clint Howard).

Film projects include the action film Action Jackson (1988), the television drama I'll Be Home for Christmas (1989), the comedy The Big Picture (1989, with Michael McKean, Teri Hatcher, Stephen Collins, and Stan Ivar), the horror comedy The 'Burbs (1989, with Wendy Schaal, Henry Gibson, Dick Miller, Robert Picardo, and Carey Scott), the romance Chances Are (1989), the comic adaptation Dick Tracy (1990), the horror film Arachnophobia (1990, with Brian McNamara, Mark L. Taylor, and Roy Brocksmith), the sequel Child's Play 2 (1990, with Brad Dourif), the fantasy drama Defending Your Life (1991), the western comedy City Slickers (1991), the action film Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991), the thriller Basic Instinct (1992), the drama The Bodyguard (1992), the science fiction thriller Running Delilah (1993, starring Kim Cattrall), the drama Mr. Jones (1993), the horror sequels Scream 2 (1997) and Scream 3 (2000), the crime drama The General's Daughter (1999), the fantasy film Mystery Men (1999), the horror film End of Days (1999), the drama Man on the Moon (1999), and the drama The Sky Is Falling (2001, with Teri Garr).

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