The following is a list of Human Starfleet and civilian individuals who inhabited the planet Cestus III.



Kasidy Yates' brother

Kasidy Yates had several brothers, one of whom lived on Cestus III in the 2370s. He played for the Pike City Pioneers, a baseball team. He later offered Benjamin Sisko seats in the dugout at a game. (DS9: "Family Business", "The Way of the Warrior")

This brother was only mentioned in dialogue.
His name is given as Kornelius Yates (β) in several fictional works.

Women and children

Several women and children were among the inhabitants of the outpost when it was attacked by the Gorn in 2267. That same year, outpost communications officer Lieutenant Harold signaled up to the attacking Gorn starship, begging them to stop their attack because there were women and children among their personnel; his pleas were ignored. (TOS: "Arena")

This women and children was only mentioned in dialogue.
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