The following is a list of holograms featured in "Chakotay Training Program 15-Beta".

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Alien boxer Edit

Terrellian boxer

The Terrellian boxer

A Terrellian boxer appeared as Commander Chakotay's opponent in the holoprogram "Chakotay Training Program 15-Beta" in 2375. He knocked Chakotay to the ground and he had to visit the sickbay. (VOY: "The Fight")

Listed as "Alien Boxer" on the call sheets and identified as Terrellian in the episode, this alien was played by former professional boxer turned actor Carlos Palomino.
He also worked as consultant on set on Wednesday 21 October 1998 and filmed his scenes on Thursday 22 October 1998 on Paramount Stage 16 with a makeup call at 5:30 am and a set call at 8:30 am.
Palomino was also scheduled to appear in a "vision quest" corridor scene, scene 128, filmed on Tuesday 27 October 1998, but this scene was not part of the final episode.

Alien corner man Edit

Alien corner man

An alien corner man

This alien was part of Chakotay's training program in 2375. He was the corner man to the Terrellian boxer and assisted him during the breaks. (VOY: "The Fight")

This alien was played by actor Michael Muñoz who received no credit for his appearance.
He filmed his scenes on Thursday 22 October 1998 with a makeup call at 5:30 am on Paramount Stage 16 and is listed as "Alien Corner Man" on the call sheet.
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