The Chalnoth were an aggressive species native to the planet Chalna. The Chalnoth did not believe in government so their society existed in a state of total anarchy, where only the strong survived.

Due to their physiology, the Chalnoth could only survive three or four days without food. Moreover, they had nutritional requirements different from Humans; they could not eat the 'edible' discs provided by alien abductors but could subsist on a Humanoid. (TNG: "Allegiance")




Background information

The fact that the Federation had made contact with the Chalnoth and Esoqq's knowledge of Mizarians both seem to imply that the Chalnoth were a warp-capable species.

For this species, the script described "Esoqq (of the Chalnoth race) – a large, hairy, nasty-looking brute of an alien. Bad-tempered... and if his sharp teeth are any indication, a meat-eater."

The makeup designed for the Chalnoth, which Michael Westmore once termed "a beast-man," was elaborate and highly uncomfortable. Said Westmore, "His makeup was broken down into several different pieces, including two sets of protruding tusks, and special contact lenses which made his eyes red and yellow, more animal-like. The lenses could only be worn for a short period of time, and we had to have a technician standing by to remove them." (Star Trek: The Next Generation Makeup FX Journal, p. 66)

The DS9 novel Warpath features a Chalnoth character called Grauq (β).

A species called the Chalnoth, also described as tall, warlike humanoids, appears in a Doctor Who audio play titled The Havoc of Empires.

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