Chang was a male Human Starfleet lieutenant in the mid-24th century.

In 2364, he served as a TAC officer on Relva VII, where he oversaw prospective cadets taking the Starfleet Academy entrance exam.

In that year, Chang introduced himself to Wesley Crusher, Oliana Mirren, T'Shanik, and Mordock, all of whom were vying for the Academy position. All four finalists participated in various exams, including the hyperspace physics test. Later, Chang set up a confrontation in a corridor, wherein Wesley and Mordock seemingly offended a Zaldan officer, and congratulated Wesley on recognizing the cultural complexities involved in resolving the dispute.

As part of the entrance exam, all four candidates were required to undergo a psych test, a trial wherein they would be confronted with their greatest fears. In Wesley's case, this involved being seemingly forced into a situation in which he would have to save a man's life at the expense of another man's life.

Chang later explained that Wesley's fear was based on the fact that Wesley's father had died in the line of duty, and that Wesley had never been sure if he would be able to make the same choice that was made for his father. Ultimately, Mordock was chosen as the candidate for the Academy, but Chang encouraged the other candidates to apply again. (TNG: "Coming of Age")

Chang was played by Robert Ito.
In an early draft of the script for "Coming of Age" (written by Sandy Fries, while the episode had the working title "Starfleet Academy"), this character was instead called "Osaka", though he already held the title of TAC officer. In fact, Chang was the only officer ever established as holding that title.
The Starfleet Academy Handbook gives him the first name "Sun".
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