Captain Chantal R. Zaheva was a female Human officer of the 24th century Starfleet. In the 2360s, she was the commanding officer of the starship USS Brattain until her death in 2367.

The Brattain became trapped in a Tyken's Rift, and a telepathic distress call from an alien entity caused a critical disturbance in the brain chemistry of Zaheva and her crew, causing madness for the next month. It also rendered their engines inoperative. Zaheva watched as many of her crew attacked each other, and she along with them. She suspected her executive officer, Commander Brink, was plotting against her and sabotaged the engines. She recorded her fears in her captain's log entries.

She finally perished when one of her crew stabbed her in the chest with a knife while she sat in her command chair.

Her logs would provide evidence for the USS Enterprise-D when it arrived to investigate their disappearance. (TNG: "Night Terrors")

Captain Zaheva was played by Deborah Taylor.
Her first name and middle initial were part of the information read out when her captain's log was displayed on a monitor screen.
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