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A crossover is an event in a television franchise where characters from one series appear with the main characters and settings from another series. Many Star Trek crossovers served as introductions to the cast and setting of the latest show, while others were nostalgic reminiscences of previous series.

The following is a list of crossover characters who appeared first in one television or film series, and subsequently appeared in a different television or film series.

Characters are listed under the series in which they first appeared. Appearances by regular cast characters are not listed for the series in which they were regular cast.

Also note that a number of those listed below may not have necessarily had interactions with characters from the latter series, nor be live (vs. hologram, hallucination, etc.) versions of their former selves.

Star Trek: The Original Series[]

Star Trek: The Animated Series[]

The Original Series films[]

Star Trek: The Next Generation[]

Kira talking to Riker

Kira meets Riker

Freeman exonerated

Tuvok, Freeman, and Morgan Bateson

The Next Generation films[]

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine[]

Bashir meets Data

Bashir meets Data

Shaxs and Kira reunited

Kira reunites with Shaxs

Miles O'Brien was a recurring character on TNG before becoming a regular cast character on DS9 and crossing back over for the TNG finale "All Good Things...".

Star Trek: Voyager[]

Star Trek: Enterprise[]

Star Trek: Discovery[]

Short Treks[]

Star Trek: Picard[]

Star Trek: Lower Decks[]

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds[]

Star Trek: Prodigy[]



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