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The following is a list of character appearances in another of the series.

Star Trek: The Original Series Edit

Picard Kirk riding

Kirk meets Picard

Spock and Picard's mind meld

Spock, Data and Picard

Admiral McCoy and Data

McCoy and Data

La Forge and Scott in Enterprise-D engineering

Scott and La Forge


Sulu and Janeway

Chekov meets Guinan

Chekov meets Guinan

Star Trek: The Next Generation Edit

Sisko and Picard

Sisko and Picard

Janeway meets Riker

Riker meets Janeway

Kira talking to Riker

Kira meets Riker

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Edit

Star Trek: Voyager Edit

Star Trek: Discovery Edit

Star Trek: Short Treks Edit

Historical Edit

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