Charlene was the holographic wife of Kenneth, and mother of Belle and Jeffrey.

The Doctor, who assumed the name Kenneth for his role, had created a holodeck program to experience family life. The program and family members were so perfect that it was nothing like real life. Charlene was a perfect homemaker who was subservient to her husband, letting him make all the decisions.

After B'Elanna Torres altered the program to make it more life-like, Charlene's character changed. She went from a sickeningly sweet submissive wife to an independent strong-willed woman. She had a life outside the home, becoming a working mother. She often disagreed with Kenneth's demands and spoke her own mind. She was not afraid to tell him that he was unreasonable and refused to abide by his rules. This gave The Doctor a taste of real life.

When Belle died in an accident, Kenneth deactivated the program and Charlene ceased to exist. (VOY: "Real Life")

Charlene was played by Wendy Schaal.
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