"Charles" was the name tentatively adopted by a Vissian cogenitor in 2153, chosen in honor of Enterprise NX-01 Commander Charles Tucker III, after it had initially requested to be named "Trip".

That year, "Charles", who was nameless at the time, was assigned to a Vissian ship's chief engineer and his wife, Calla, who were a part of a delegation visiting the Enterprise.

Commander Tucker pitied the way in which the cogenitor was being treated, believing it should have the same equal rights as others. After discovering from Phlox that the cogenitor had the same learning capabilities as the other Vissian genders, Tucker took it upon himself to secretly teach the cogenitor how to read and to educate it about its rights as an individual. Tucker showed the cogenitor how to play go. The cogenitor was very proficient at the game. It went on to beat Tucker in a game, which he informed the cogenitor that he was a champion and had not lost playing the game in many years. Although initially reluctant, the cogenitor ultimately embraced these new ideas. So pleased was it to have been given the chance to learn for itself, the cogenitor decided to adapt Tucker's real name, Charles, as its own. Tucker later took "Charles" on a tour of the Enterprise and allowed it to watch a movie.

However, the Vissians soon learned of this and denied Tucker of having any further access to their ship, and hence, the cogenitor. However, "Charles" was able to return to Enterprise, where it formally requested asylum. After a standoff with the cogenitor's "owners", Captain Archer was unable to grant Charles's request as it would mean interfering in Vissian culture, thereby irreparably damaging future relations between the two races. With no other options, the cogenitor was forced to return to its own ship.

Unfortunately, after being returned, the cogenitor could not stand returning to its previous life after what it had seen. Soon after the Vissians departed Enterprise, the cogenitor committed suicide. (ENT: "Cogenitor")

The Cogenitor was played by Becky Wahlstrom.
In the final draft script of "Cogenitor", this character was commonly referred to as "Cogenitor", even after its name of "Charles" was established. Also in the script, the Cogenitor was initially described thus; "It is quiet and deferential, with a slightly androgynous appearance." However, subsequent script references to the character regarded it mostly as a male, with one reference to it as a female.
The costume Becky Wahlstrom wore to portray the Cogenitor was auctioned off in the It's A Wrap! sale and auction. [1]
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