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Charles F. Wheeler (15 December 191528 October 2004; age 88) was a cinematographer from Memphis, Tennessee, who did additional photography for Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Wheeler shared an Academy Award nomination in the category of Best Cinematography for his work on the American segments of the 1970 feature film Tora! Tora! Tora! He also earned an Emmy Award nomination for his cinematography on the 1975 TV movie Babe, which featured Ellen Geer, Byron Morrow, and Meg Wyllie in the cast.

After beginning his career as a camera operator on films such as 1960's Inherit the Wind and 1961's Judgment at Nuremberg (featuring a young William Shatner), Wheeler became a director of photography in the mid-1960s. He worked on the popular television shows Gunsmoke and The Twilight Zone, after which he moved on the feature films and TV movies. Among his theatrical film credits are 1966's Duel at Diablo (his first film as a cinematographer, which features John Hoyt as an Apache chief), 1968's Yours, Mine and Ours, 1972's Silent Running, 1974's Truck Turner (starring Nichelle Nichols and featuring Dick Miller), 1976's Freaky Friday (featuring Alan Oppenheimer), 1981's Condorman, and 1986's The Best of Times (featuring Anne Haney and Tony Plana).

The TV movies he worked on include 1974's Bad Ronald (featuring John Fiedler and Roger Aaron Brown), 1976's The Lindbergh Kidnapping Case (starring Cliff DeYoung and co-starring Laurence Luckinbill, Phillip Richard Allen, Arthur Batanides, Ellen Geer, Peter Brocco, and Bill Quinn), and the 1981 remake of Robert Wise's 1958 classic I Want to Live! (featuring Seymour Cassel and Ellen Geer). He also directed two 1973 TV movies starring William Shatner: Incident on a Dark Street and Pioneer Woman.

Wheeler retired in 1986. He died of Alzheimer's disease in Orange, California, at the age of 88.

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