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Charlie-Olisa Kaine is the actor who portrayed the recurring background character Ensign Kelly in several episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. As a background performer he received no credit for his appearances.

Kaine earned his BA in Radio/TV Broadcasting from the California State University in Los Angeles. He studied acting at the Los Angeles Theater of Arts and under coaches Albert Morgenstern, John Ingle, Van Mar, Randy Kirby, and Mike Pointer. Between 2007 and 2010 he attended the Azusa Pacific University and is today working as minister and memorial counselor at the Inglewood Park cemetery.

Kaine's film work includes the short thriller China Lake (1983, with Charles Napier), Mystery Woman, the comedy Wedding Crashers (2005, with Ellen Albertini Dow, Henry Gibson, Ron Canada, Diora Baird, Irene Roseen, Noel De Souza, and Richard Riehle), and Ron Howard's thriller Angels & Demons (2009, along with Scott Hill, Yuri Elvin, and Jon Donahue).

He also appeared in the television series General Hospital, Civil Wars, Home Improvement, Boston Legal (starring William Shatner), and I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant (2009).

Beside his work in film and television, Kaine appeared in the stage plays "Kennedy's Children", "Things Fall Apart", and "Midsummer Night's Dream", the latter two at the Metropolitan Theater, and in music videos for Elton John, Kris Kross, Keyshia Cole's "You Complete Me" (with Tiffany Collie), The Moog,and Christina Aguilera.

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