Chateau Picard

Chateau Picard wine label, dated 2267

Chateau Picard was an estate red wine produced at the Picard family vineyards in La Barre, France. The head vigneron or winegrower during the mid-24th century was Robert Picard.

In 2256, Captain Philippa Georgiou had a bottle of 2249 Chateau Picard on display in her ready room on the USS Shenzhou. (DIS: "The Vulcan Hello")

In 2267, Chateau Picard was recognized as a grand cru, French for "great growth", vineyard by the Appellation La Barre Contrôlée. (Star Trek Nemesis)

The senior officers of the Enterprise-E shared an emotional drink of Chateau Picard together after Data sacrificed himself to save the Enterprise and his friends. (Star Trek Nemesis)

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MA 2009Warning! This section may contain spoilers for Star Trek: Picard.

By coincidence or not, Chateau Picard is a real wine label, although it is made in Saint Estèphe.

The bottle of Chateau Picard is seen in the DS9 Season 1 DVD special feature "Secrets of Quark's Bar" presented by Penny Juday, although the prop was not used in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine but in Star Trek: Nemesis.

The label seen on the bottle in Star Trek: Nemesis was designed by Monica Fedrick. [1]

Two Chateau Picard wine bottles were sold as Lot #27 in the 40 Years of Star Trek: The Collection auction. The winner paid US$6,600, even though the pre-sale estimate was 500 to 700 dollars. After the sale, the auctioneer remarked "That's probably a record for empty wine bottles."

A detailed look at Georgiou's "prized bottle" of the wine was tweeted by Bo Yeon Kim. ([2]

A deleted scene from Star Trek Nemesis showed Picard sharing a quiet drink of the wine with Data after Riker's wedding.

In 2019, Wines That Rock announced that they have partnered with the real Chateau Picard winery to release a limited-edition Cru Bordeaux labeled in the style of the fictional Chateau Picard wines, which will be seen in Star Trek: Picard. [3]

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Chateau Picard is mentioned in the novel The Rise and Fall of Khan Noonien Singh, Volume Two as being the wine of choice of Jeff Carlson in 1996.

The novel Q&A reveals that Chateau Picard's winemaking business was run by Robert's wife Marie while Robert tended to the grapes. In 2380, Picard sampled a 2372 vintage – the first batch produced by Marie following the death of Robert in 2371, and was disappointed by the result.

The 2012 Star Trek: Starfleet Academy novel "The Assassination Game", set in the alternate reality, mentions a bottle of Chateau Picard being served by James T. Kirk to Leonard McCoy and his date Nadja Luther (β). Upon reading the label, Kirk remarks, "Chateau Picard. Never heard of it."

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