For Voyager's first officer with a similar sounding name, please see Chakotay.

Vice Admiral Chekote was a senior Starfleet officer stationed at Starbase 227 in 2370.

When a group of Bajoran extremists, the Alliance for Global Unity, attempted to seize control of Deep Space 9 in 2370, he ordered the station evacuated, citing the Prime Directive of non-interference. He gave this order even though there was evidence that this extremist faction was in fact backed by the Cardassians, telling Benjamin Sisko it was "a hell of a turn", with the possibility of losing Bajor and the Bajoran wormhole. (DS9: "The Circle")

Later that same year, he allowed Commander William T. Riker to delay a mission of the USS Enterprise-D in order to investigate the apparent death of Captain Jean-Luc Picard at the hands of a group of mercenaries while on an archaeological excursion to the planet Dessica II. (TNG: "Gambit, Part I")

Admiral Chekote was played by Bruce Gray in both episodes.
Chekote, Julian Bashir, Quark, Evek, and Morn are the only characters to appear in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine prior to appearing in Star Trek: The Next Generation.
According to the script for "The Circle", the pronunciation for Chekote was "chee-KO-tay".

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