Ensign Cheney was a Starfleet command division officer stationed on board the USS Enterprise-D in 2369.

Cheney was an accomplished cellist who performed Chopin's Trio in G minor in Ten Forward with Data at the violin and Nella Daren at the piano. Data congratulated Cheney for her part in the performance at the concert's after-party. (TNG: "Lessons")

Background InformationEdit

Ensign Cheney was played by professional cellist Jan Kelley who received no credit for this appearance.

The surname of "Cheney" used in this episode is also the surname of an American politician (Dick Cheney) who had served in the United States Congress since 1979 and rose to a much higher position of power when he became the U.S. Secretary of Defense on January 3rd, 1993 (4 months before this episode aired and 3 weeks before the script was finalized). It is uncertain if the writers meant to reference this politician and the recent shift in power or if it was a simple coincidence.

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