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For the tribal title of the same name, please see Chieftain.

Chief (or jefe in the Spanish language) was a common designation for leading officers and enlisted personnel aboard Federation starships and installations.

When used as a title referring to an officer it denoted a member of positional authority, such as a staff officer, or department head status.

In reference to an enlisted person, it referred directly to rank. (TOS: "Mirror, Mirror")


The role of "Chief Judge" was referenced in the final draft script of TOS: "Court Martial". However, as that episode continued to develop, the title was changed to "President of the Court".

Furthermore the script of Star Trek mentioned the function of station chief.


  • Chief petty officer, rank given to senior non-commissioned officers, who have substantial experience and are considered experts in their specific profession.
    • Senior chief petty officer, a rank superior to chief petty officers and subordinate to master chief petty officers.
    • Master chief petty officer, highest enlisted rank, often given a great amount of responsibility and leadership roles, while subordinate to commissioned officers.