At least two log entries were made in the chief engineer's log aboard Enterprise NX-01. It was recorded by Commander Tucker. (ENT: "Dawn")



  • "Chief Engineer's Log, supplemental. This turned out to be the perfect spot to test the autopilot upgrades. This gas giant has dozens of moons. It's like a gravitational jigsaw puzzle."
  • "Chief Engineer's Log, supplemental. For the record, I was attacked by a small craft. I don't know what I did to provoke them. Then something in this moon's atmosphere neutralized my engines and I was forced to make an emergency landing."
  • "Chief Engineer's Log, supplemental. It's been two hours since we started signaling the Enterprise. No response yet. The sun's not even up yet and it's already hotter than hell. My sparring partner doesn't look too good. I can't be sure, but I don't think his species can sweat. For the record, I have learned one thing about him, his name's Zho'Kaan. Anything you want to say to the folks back home?"
    • "Nohkto"
  • "Yeah. That means "bad." You would be proud of me, Hoshi. I've picked up about a dozen words in his language. A couple of them are real tongue-twisters."
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