At least one log entry was made in the Chief of Security's log for Deep Space 9, as recorded by Constable Odo. (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine)


2373 Edit

In 2373, while off-station on a mission to escort Quark to Inferna Prime, the runabout that Odo was piloting crashed on an unnamed Class L planet. Believing death was imminent, Odo began recording the following final log entry:

"Begin recording. Chief of security... log... final entry. It looks like Quark didn't make it... Can't say I'm surprised. You'll find his body further up the slope... No doubt he'd want you to vacuum-desiccate his remains and auction them off. Not that they're worth much. As for myself... Cremate me, stick my ashes in my bucket, shoot me through the wormhole. Might as well end up where I began. Or better yet..."

Odo, along with Quark, was beamed aboard the USS Defiant in mid-sentence. (DS9: "The Ascent")

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