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Icheb's return to his home planet after his abduction by the Borg is difficult for Seven to bear when her awakening maternal instincts make her suspicious of his parents.



First Annual Voyager Science Fair

The Science Fair.

Aboard the USS Voyager, the First Annual Voyager Science Fair is taking place. Organized by Seven of Nine, it showcases the scientific skills of the five children currently aboard Voyager: Naomi Wildman, and four Borg children, recently picked up and under Seven's care: Mezoti a Norcadian girl, twin Wysanti boys Rebi and Azan, and Icheb, a Brunali in his late teens. (VOY: "Collective")

Crewmembers, including Captain Kathryn Janeway, Commander Chakotay, and Lieutenant B'Elanna Torres, view the projects with interest. A proud Seven takes them to each one; from the twins, cloned potatoes (having been convinced to not clone Naomi); from Mezoti, a Teirenian ant colony. (Captain Janeway cannot help but be amused by her choice: an insect colony of drones and a queen, contained within a transparent cube); from Naomi, a model of her father's homeworld, Ktaris, complete with a simulation of the stormy weather of the region known as the Arpasian Range.

Most impressive of all is Icheb's gravimetric sensor array, which can actually be used with Voyager's sensors to detect wormholes, which could shorten Voyager's journey home. Seven informs Janeway that the engineering principles Icheb used are quite sound. While Chakotay and Torres continue speaking to Icheb, interested in possibly incorporating the device into Voyager's sensor array, Janeway takes Seven aside and comments on Icheb's excpetional aptitude. Seven informs her about his wish to be permanently posted in astrometrics, out of his professed love of astrophysics.

Janeway then sadly tells her that they have found his parents and are heading for the Brunali homeworld to return him to them. Seven responds with emotion, "That's good news."

Act One[]

Seven enters astrometrics and finds Icheb working there. She tells him he is over his scheduled time and that she has something to discuss with him. He tells her that as a drone he never wondered what was outside the cube he was on; but in the lab, he feels like he can see the whole galaxy. He shows her how he even increased the ship's long-range sensors' resolution, so that they can pick up previously out-of-range phenomena, such as a nebula called the Orpisay Nebula. When Icheb finally asks her what she wants to discuss with him, Seven only responds that he should regenerate.

Captain Janeway is in her quarters, reading a book. Seven goes to see her and asks for collected Brunali species data so she can prepare Icheb. Janeway asks how he took the news, but quickly realizes Seven has not told him. Seven tries to explain herself by saying it will be hard for him, as he has adapted to life aboard Voyager, to which Janeway responds Seven has adapted to his presence. She suggests that Seven expands upon what she's already begun by helping him to cope as an individual gives him the benefit of her own experiences and encouraging him to be resilient in the face of obstacles.

In her cargo bay 2 Borg alcoves, which she shares with the Borg children, Seven finds Icheb again working, this time at one of the bay's consoles. She tells him. Icheb asks if he has to stay with them, to which Seven replies they're his parents. He asks how the other Borg children will cope without him. Seven says they will adapt and speaks of the Brunali's agrarian society. Their technology is limited, with no warp-capable spacecraft (most of their ships were destroyed by the Borg). Icheb asks how he'll continue his astrophysics studies. Seven tells him she does not know. Icheb silently goes to his alcove.

Voyager arrives at the Brunali homeworld. Ensign Harry Kim's scan data of the population distribution shows only scattered settlements, each with less than 10,000 people. Tuvok reports that from residual gamma radiation levels, the Brunali appear to have suffered several Borg attacks over the previous decade. Seven detects a Borg transwarp conduit less than a light year away. Janeway orders Tuvok to continuously scan for any Borg activity. She then orders Tom Paris to put the ship into orbit around the planet, and has Seven go and fetch Icheb.

Icheb is in sickbay complaining of an upset stomach. The Doctor examines him with a medical tricorder but finds nothing wrong. He correctly deduces the problem as a case of "butterflies". Icheb does not understand. The Doctor explains to him what it means, and muses that his parents are feeling the same way. Icheb adamantly tells him that parents are irrelevant to him, as Seven sees to his education and The Doctor cares for his medical needs. The Doctor points out him that his parents can nurture him in ways the crew cannot, such as telling him about his people's culture and history, fostering his cultural identity as a Brunali, an important part of his development. Icheb does not accept this, pointing out that he, The Doctor, had no parents, yet he has adapted to serve a vital function of the crew and Voyager. The Doctor counters that that is different; he has his programming to fall back on.

"And how would your programming respond, if you were asked to live with strangers?" Icheb asks him.

He is saved from responding by Seven's entrance. The Doctor assures him all will be fine. Icheb follows Seven to one of the transporter rooms.

Brunali world surface

The Brunali homeworld

Seven, Icheb, Tuvok, and Captain Janeway beam down to the surface. On the horizon is the ruin of an apparently technologically advanced city. Before them is a vast, deep canyon, as if the ground had been literally scooped up and away.

They approach a Brunali man and woman. Janeway introduces herself and Seven. The man and woman introduce themselves as Icheb's parents, Leucon and Yifay. Leucon and Yifay try to break the ice with Icheb, who responds with coldness bordering hostility. He tells Janeway that he wants to return to Voyager.

Act Two[]

Janeway, Seven and Icheb's parents meet in Voyager's briefing room. Janeway explains that the purpose of the meeting is to discuss how to make Icheb's transition less traumatic for him. They sit.

Seven begins to interrogate the two Brunali on their ability to care for Icheb in terms of his medical needs, education and safety. She even goes so far as to tell the two Brunali that they should leave their planet due to their proximity to the Borg conduit. Janeway orders her to leave and wait for her in her ready room. After she has gone, Janeway apologizes and invites them to stay aboard Voyager for a while, to give Icheb a chance to get to know them in surroundings he is comfortable in. This may help him warm up to them, she suggests. They agree.

Janeway marches into her ready room and begins rebuking Seven for her behavior. Seven angrily insists that Leucon and Yifay will not be able to properly care for him, especially in terms of his safety. To leave him there, she maintains, is to practically hand him back to the Borg. They should not remain on that planet, she insists. Janeway retorts that the planet is their home. "It's not worth protecting!" Seven insists. "Who are you to decide that?" Janeway asks coldly.

Seven believes that anyone who's willing to put their own goals over the safety of their children is irresponsible. Janeway pointedly asks if Seven is speaking about Icheb's parents or her own. "Both," Seven replies.

Janeway relents, knowing this isn't an easy admission from Seven. Seven admits her lack of objectivity, but insists that she is not prepared to return Icheb to his parents if they prove to be as careless as her own. Janeway understands this and suggests they leave it up to Icheb. If he decides to stay on Voyager, then Janeway will deal with it where his parents are concerned. Seven gratefully agrees.

In Cargo Bay 2, Icheb works at a console while Naomi plays kadis-kot with Azan and Rebi. Mezoti rides around them and Icheb on a scooter. She asks Icheb if he is going to go with his parents, and if so, who will help her and the others with their science projects? Azan and Rebi note that they don't remember their parents, as Naomi also states that she's never had a chance to meet her father. Icheb lightheartedly threatens to send them all to the Borg in a cargo container if they do not stop asking him questions.

Seven enters and informs him that he is having dinner with his parents. Icheb responds that he will not. She tells him that his attendance is not optional and exits the cargo bay and waits by the door for him to follow which he reluctantly does.

Neelix has allowed Yifay to use his kitchen to prepare the meal. Seven and Icheb arrive in the mess hall to find Neelix bringing out the plates. Yifay and Leucon sit, waiting. Seven tells Icheb to enjoy the meal. Icheb refuses to eat, or even sit. Finally, he joins them and begins to eat, after Leucon tells him how hard his mother worked to prepare it. It is poma, Icheb's favorite food when he was younger. Icheb finds he enjoys the food, to the relief and satisfaction of Leucon and Yifay.

Neelix and Seven stand watching the scene. Neelix comments that it is good to see a family together again. Seven says nothing. As she turns to leave, Neelix looks at her with concern, then turns his attention back to Icheb and his parents.

Act Three[]

Brunali genetic resequencer

Leucon shows Icheb around the Brunali settlement.

Leucon later shows Icheb around the Brunali settlement. They are in a greenhouse. Around them, people work industriously. Leucon tells him the Borg did not leave them with much, but they have used the little that they have. Everything Icheb has seen has been built with their own hands, their homes and their agro-facilities. Icheb notices a device which Leucon informs him is a genetic resequencer, used to genetically alter crop plants so that they thrive in certain environments that would normally kill them. Icheb is impressed. Leucon assures him that though their way of life may seem primitive now, that will change. Icheb, remembering his astrophysics studies, asks about space travel. "Someday," Leucon responds, "we'll have ships that rival Voyager. But we need the dedication of young people like you to help us."

Two young men, one named Yivel, call to Icheb and invite him to play a Brunali game called pala; Icheb apparently was very adept at it when he was younger, before his assimilation. He responds that he does not remember how to play, but Yivel assures him it will come back.

Seven then beams down near them and informs Icheb it is time to return. He tells her he intends to stay the night. She points out that that there is no unit there for him to regenerate. Leucon responds that they may as well install one now, as they will have to eventually. Seven responds that Icheb hasn't decided to remain permanently but respects his decision to stay overnight. She relents and invites Leucon back to the ship to prepare a unit.

In Cargo Bay 2, Seven gives Leucon a portable regeneration unit she has created. Leucon accepts it, offering her his and Yifay's thanks for taking care of their son. Seven inquires as to how the Borg took Icheb. Leucon explains that since the Borg first attacked, they have been careful to hide any new technology, so that passing Borg cubes would bypass the planet. But four years previously, they were not as careful as they should have been. They had created a new fertilization array. He told Icheb about it, and promised to take him to see it the next day, But Icheb could not wait; he went by himself. Then the Borg attacked; apparently they had detected the technology and considered it worthy to assimilate. They took Icheb and everyone else in the area. Seven advises him not to blame himself, well aware of Icheb's impatience which, she admits, she herself has had to deal with. Leucon laughs quietly.

That night, Icheb sits at his parents' front porch with them. Leucon points out various constellations to him, while Yifay has her arm around him. Leucon admits that sitting there looking up at the stars cannot take Voyager's place, but Icheb responds that "it is nice". He is beginning to appreciate their life, and is coming to a decision.

The next morning, on Voyager, Icheb informs Seven he has decided to stay with his parents. Seven listens, and sadly leaves to inform the Captain.

Icheb leaves Voyager

Icheb leaves Voyager.

Janeway and Seven escort Icheb to one of the ship's transporter rooms. Icheb enters with a bag. Seven gives him a case containing PADDs with astrophysical data as well as a high-resolution telescope. "It's a poor substitute for astrometric sensors," she comments. He assures her he will use it every day. Janeway wishes him good luck. Icheb responds that he hopes that they find a way home.

He steps on the transporter. Janeway gives the order to the transporter operator and he disappears in the beam. Saddened, Seven watches the empty platform for a moment, and then leaves. Janeway sadly watches her go.

Act Four[]

In Cargo Bay 2, the three remaining Borg children and Seven are installed in their alcoves, regenerating. But Mezoti is having difficulty, fidgeting and trying to keep her eyes closed and relax, but finally gives up. She steps out of her alcove, ignoring the computer's warning that regeneration is incomplete. She goes to Seven's alcove and wakes her. "I can't regenerate," she tells her sadly. Seven asks her the reason. She misses Icheb, she responds. Seven tells her she does as well, but they will adapt. She gently instructs her to return to her alcove and goes to it with her.

Mezoti steps back onto the platform and turns around, but before reentering the regeneration cycle, she asks Seven what if the Borg try to re-assimilate Icheb? Seven points out that the Brunali have little resources or technology that would interest the Borg. "But what if he is on a ship?" Mezoti presses. Seven responds that this is unlikely. Mezoti tells her he was on a ship the last time, but Seven says she is mistaken; he was on the planet's surface when he was taken.

Mezoti insists this is not so, and in Borg fashion recites: "A class-one transport was detected in grid 649; one lifeform; species: Brunali." She then goes into regeneration. Seven stares at her, puzzled by this.

Later, Janeway drowsily enters astrometrics carrying a cup of coffee, having been summoned by Seven who is studying Borg logs. She tells Seven that this had better be important to bring her here at 0300. Seven assures her that it is, and explains that tactical data from the cube on which the children were found proves Mezoti is right: Icheb was indeed alone aboard an unarmed transport vessel when he was assimilated.

Janeway asks Seven why she is telling her this. Seven explains that Leucon had told her that Icheb had been assimilated on the planet's surface. Janeway suggests the possibility that she misheard him, but Seven responds that he was very clear. Janeway then suggests that the data is corrupted, having come from a cube that was destroyed by a pathogen that infected and killed all the drones aboard. (VOY: "Collective") Seven admits to that possibility but then points out another inconsistency in Leucon's story: he had told her that Icheb was taken four years prior, but the logs indicate that the Borg attacked the Brunali homeworld three times in the past ten years, nine, six and the previous year respectively. Janeway asks what these inconsistencies prove. Seven responds that it proves Leucon was lying and proposes that they return and demand an explanation. Janeway tells her that Icheb chose to stay with his parents and Seven has to let go of him. Seven admits to having emotional difficulty adapting to separation from Icheb, but she insists if there is a possibility that he is in danger she must protect him; if not, then she feels she will be no better than her own parents.

On the Brunali homeworld, Leucon and Yifay are having an intense argument in their house. Leucon stalks around the room agitatedly. "Couldn't we at least wait a few days?" he asks. Yifay is resolute; the longer they wait, the harder it will be. Leucon attempts to raise more objections: they do not need to do this; he is bright and hardworking, he could help them in "other ways." Yifay insists that it is what he was born for. "I don't want to lose him again." Leucon tells her. But Yifay reminds him of what he taught her; they all have to make sacrifices.

Icheb betrayed by his parents

Icheb is sedated by his parents.

Icheb enters. Yifay tells him to sit down as she goes to a corner; there is something they need to talk about. He sits expectantly. She tells him how very important he is to them. He responds that he knows this. She produces a hypospray-like device. "What you don't know is why," she tells him with a pained, but determined look. He looks back at her uncomprehendingly. As she advances on him, she tells him it will not hurt if he holds still, and tells Leucon to hold him down. Leucon reluctantly does so. Icheb struggles in vain, and ask what they're doing to him. "No!" he cries weakly as Yifay presses the device to his neck. He slumps over unconscious. Yifay tells Leucon to "prepare the launch."

Act Five[]

Voyager arrives back at the Brunali homeworld. Captain Janeway orders Ensign Kim to hail Leucon and Yifay. Leucon appears on the viewscreen. He tells Janeway that they were not expecting to see them again. Yifay joins him. Janeway tells them they want to ask them "a few questions." "Questions?" Yifay asks guardedly. "Regarding Icheb and the circumstances of his assimilation," Seven explains. The couple responds that they have already discussed that and owe them no explanations. Janeway asks to speak to Icheb. They respond that he is not there. "Where is he?" Seven asks. They respond that that is none of their concern.

Janeway orders Tuvok to scan for him. He reports that he is not in the settlement. Seven does a scan and reports a Brunali transport ship, heading for the Borg transwarp conduit. Chakotay checks it on the command console and reports the ship is 9 million kilometers away and appears to be traveling at warp 9.8. Ensign Paris reports that in fact the vessel is emitting a false warp signature strong enough to penetrate subspace. Seven realizes it is bait, to attract the Borg.

Janeway rhetorically asks Icheb's parents if he is on the vessel. Yifay defiantly responds that Icheb is fighting for his people, prompting Seven to ask what he can do alone on an unarmed transport. They respond that not having powerful starships like Voyager at their disposal they are using the only weapon they have against the Borg: their genetic expertise.

Janeway suddenly understands that Icheb is not bait but being used as a weapon. "The first cube that captured him was infected by a pathogen. Icheb was the carrier, wasn't he?" she asks them accusingly; Leucon explains that every time they begin to rebuild, to make progress, the Borg come and take it away. Janeway orders Paris to head for the transport.

"You have no right to interfere!" Leucon shouts. "We're trying to save our civilization!" Yifay pipes in. Seven accuses them of doing so by depriving Icheb of his future. "If we don't stop the Borg, the Brunali have no future!" Yifay responds desperately. Leucon warns Janeway that a Borg ship will emerge from the conduit at any minute. "You'll be destroyed…!" he urges. Janeway responds that they will take their chances and orders the transmission cut.

At red alert and battle stations, Voyager heads for the transport at maximum impulse. Ensign Kim reports that Icheb is aboard it, unconscious. Janeway orders him transported directly to sickbay, but Seven reports that there is too much interference. Tuvok says that it is from the conduit, from which a Borg ship will emerge in less than forty seconds. Janeway orders auxiliary power to the transporters to boost them, but Seven reports that they are still out of range. Janeway orders Paris to close the distance.

Voyager draws closer to the transport as a point of bright green light, the light of transwarp space appears in front of it; the conduit is beginning to open. Tuvok reports that they have twenty seconds left. Janeway orders Paris to get closer. Seven reports a transporter lock on Icheb and beams him to the sickbay as Tuvok counts the remaining seconds down to one. Janeway begins to order Paris to clear them out of there at maximum warp.

Borg sphere tractoring Voyager

A Borg sphere seizes Voyager and the Brunali transport.

But she is cut off as the ship is violently shaken. A Borg sphere emerges from the conduit and seizes both ships in a tractor beam, pulling them toward a huge opening on its surface. Janeway orders Tuvok to target its tractor beam generator with the phasers. She orders him to fire. He does so, but with no effect; the phaser beams harmlessly strike the sphere's deflector shields. The Borg Collective hails them: "We are the Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile." "Perhaps not", Seven retorts.

Seven proposes transporting a photon torpedo aboard the now-empty transport and detonating it just as the transport enters the sphere. Tuvok advises that that will happen in twenty seconds, but Voyager will be inside the sphere less than three seconds later. Janeway orders Paris to engage full reverse thrusters to buy them a few more seconds, and orders Seven to perform the transport.

USS Voyager going to warp to escape

Voyager goes to warp to escape the explosion that damages the Borg sphere.

Seven counts down the detonation, as Paris uses the thrusters to turn the ship away from the sphere. Janeway orders him to engage the warp drive on her mark. Chakotay orders all hands to brace for impact. The countdown ends and the torpedo detonates, engulfing the sphere's opening in a massive explosion. The tractor beam is disabled and Voyager lurches free. The shock wave hits them, knocking everyone off their stations and causing sparks to fly.

"Now, Mr. Paris!" Janeway orders.

Paris scrambles to the conn console and takes Voyager into warp, escaping the explosion. Tuvok reports that the Borg sphere is heavily damaged and not pursuing them.

Voyager proceeds on course for the Alpha Quadrant. Icheb lies unconscious in sickbay. The Doctor scans him, as Janeway and Seven watch. He reports that Icheb does indeed have the pathogen, but his parents did not infect him with it; he produces it himself, having been genetically engineered from birth to do so. Janeway tells Seven that he is going to need help coming to terms with this and Seven is the best person to provide it. "Captain…" Seven does not know where and how to start, but Janeway advises her to use her maternal instincts once more.

Later, Icheb is in astrometrics, this time studying genetics. He is comparing his genome to that of an ordinary Brunali male. Seven enters. He shows her the difference, pointing out the changes his parents made to his genome to cause his body to produce the pathogen, calling it ingenious. Seven considers it barbaric. Icheb states they were trying to defend themselves and preserve their species.

Icheb makes his decision

His decison

"I know how difficult it is to acknowledge your parents' faults," she responds. "But what they did was wrong. You don't have to forgive them." Icheb responds by wondering if his parents will forgive him, for not destroying the sphere.

Seven points out he'd have been reassimilated; Icheb is aware of this but thinks it may have been his destiny "In the future you may choose to fight the Borg," she tells him. But she stresses it will be his choice as an individual and therefore has the right to determine his own destiny.

She then tells him it is time for him to regenerate. "And if I wish to continue studying?" he asks. She tells him that it is his decision. She leaves him, walking to the door, but she turns back just before she exits and regards him proudly.

Memorable quotes[]

"Wait for me in my ready room."
"Captain –"
(Sternly) "Now."

- Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine, as Janeway throws Seven out of the meeting with Icheb's parents for her antagonistic behavior toward them

"My feelings are irrelevant."
"Are they?"

- Seven of Nine and Kathryn Janeway

"Why potatoes?"
"Their first idea was to clone Naomi, but I suggested they start with something smaller."

- Kathryn Janeway and Seven of Nine

"Anyone who values their own goals over the safety of their children is irresponsible."
"Are we talking about Icheb's parents, or yours?"
"...It's not like you to admit to something like that."
"It would be naive for me to claim objectivity in this case. But I'm not prepared to return Icheb to parents who may be as careless as my own."

- Kathryn Janeway and Seven of Nine

"Welcome home, Icheb."
"I would like to return to Voyager, now."

- Yivel and Icheb

"I like bugs."

- Mezoti, explaining why she chose to showcase a Teiranian ant colony as her science project at the Annual Voyager Science Fair

"I should have realized. You have butterflies in your stomach."
"I never assimilated butterflies."

- The Doctor and Icheb

"We are the Borg. Resistance is futile."
"Perhaps not."

- The Borg and Seven of Nine

"If you don't stop asking questions, I'm going to put all of you in a cargo container and transport you all back to the Borg!"

- Icheb to Naomi Wildman, Mezoti, Azan, and Rebi

"It's time for you to regenerate."
"And if I choose to continue my studies?"
(Pauses)"It's your decision."

- Seven and Icheb

Background information[]


  • In the science fair, Azan and Rebi cloned two potatoes, which were actually made out of painted resin. These were auctioned off in the It's A Wrap! sale and auction, along with a pair of ginger clones that weren't used. [1]

Sets and filming locations[]

Icheb's parents' home

Tim Earls' design for Icheb's parents' home

  • Yifay and Leucon's primitive Brunali home was designed by Tim Earls and constructed on a sound stage. Earls described the design as "It's basically a frontier kind of thing. We knew that they had a very high level of technology, because they had warp drive, but they were living in primitive conditions. The idea was to start with a stone structure – they had used material that they found around them to build a base – and then they created a framework on top of that with a kind of high-tech thermal blanket." Earls' design also included water purifiers and a wood-burning generator (jokingly labeled "Honda.") (Star Trek: The Magazine Volume 2, Issue 11, p. 22)


  • In the cargo bay, Seven tells Icheb that she never saw her parents again after they were assimilated. However, in "Dark Frontier", Seven does see her father Magnus Hansen as a drone when she is with the Borg Queen.
  • This is the second time the use (both times, successful) of a biological weapon against the Borg has been depicted in the series. The first time was in "Infinite Regress", where Species 6339 used a synthetic pathogen to infect and disable a Borg cube by interfering with its Vinculum, causing the drones to suffer from the Borg equivalent of multiple personality syndrome, and self-terminate.
  • One of the locations listed on the star chart Icheb is looking at in astrometrics is the planet Jouret IV, which first appeared in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "The Best of Both Worlds" as the site of the telltale craters left when the Borg attack cities. Similar craters are seen in this episode on the Brunali homeworld, which has also suffered Borg attacks.
  • A photon torpedo is used in this episode, one having previously been used in "Dragon's Teeth". This brings the total number of torpedoes confirmed to have been used by Voyager over the course of the series to 62, a total which exceeds the irreplaceable complement of 38 that had been established by Chakotay in the first-season episode "The Cloud".

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ability; agrarian society; agricultural genetics; Annual Voyager Science Fair; aptitude; Arpasian Range; assimilation; astrophysics; athlete; auxiliary power; Azan and Rebi's father; Bajoran wormhole; blue ion dye; Borg Collective; Borg cube; Borg sphere (unnamed); Brunali; Brunali homeworld; Brunali natives; Brunali physician; Brunali transport vessel; butterfly; cargo container; carrier; chromosome; coat; colony; continent; cycle; DNA; drone; Earth; engineering; enzyme; expression; fertilization array; field; field (agriculture); fluorescence; gamma radiation; genetic engineering; genetic resequencer; gravimetric sensor; Great Horn; Greskrendtregk; Grid 649; guardian; hail; Hansen, Erin; Hansen, Magnus; hour; judge; Kelsin 3; kilometer; Ktaris; luminescent; maternal instinct; maturation chamber; Mezoti's parents; Milky Way Galaxy; neural transceiver; neutrino; Orlitus Cluster; Orpisay Nebula; pala; particle weapon; photon torpedo; poma; portable regenerator; potato; pulsar; quasar; queen; red alert; regeneration cycle; science fair; sit; spatial harmonics; stand; storm; synchronous orbit; Teirenian ant; telescope; tractor beam generator; transwarp conduit; warp signature; west; Wildman, Samantha; wormhole

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Daran V; Dimorus; Nimbus III; Jouret IV; Kaldra IV; Morska; Organia; Peliar Zel; Pollux IV; Rigel; Vega

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