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Childhood was the stage of development for a child that typically spanned, according to Seven of Nine, "the years between birth and physical maturity, when humanoids adapt to their roles as individuals." (VOY: "Collective")

On Vulcan, Vulcan marriages were arranged during childhood. (ENT: "Breaking the Ice"; TOS: "Amok Time")

On Andor, Andorians were trained in combat from childhood. (ENT: "United")

According to Phlox, "from childhood, every Antaran is taught that Denobulans are enemies to be feared, reviled." (ENT: "The Breach")

Rop'ngor was a childhood ailment experienced by young Klingons. (TNG: "Up The Long Ladder")

Orkett's disease was a childhood virus that had swept through the Bajoran work camps during the the Occupation. (VOY: "State of Flux")

According to Tarquin, after Hoshi Sato's parents learned that she was gifted, they made her spend her childhood "with private tutors, studying languages," leaving her to believe that "it was normal to go through your days alone." (ENT: "Exile")

The Talosian Keeper learned from the mind of Captain Christopher Pike the concept of Hell-Fire, something, according to the Keeper, "from a fable you once heard in childhood." (TOS: "The Cage", "The Menagerie, Part II")

Janice Rand summarized the case of the Onlies of Earth Two as "Children who never age. Eternal childhood, filled with play, no responsibilities. It's almost like a dream." (TOS: "Miri")

After a transporter accident reverted the two of them to a child state but with their adult intelligence and personality intact, Ro Laren described her childhood to Guinan as a long, depressing period of her life that she was grateful to have over and one she would rather not relive. Guinan, however, did not entirely believe her, describing her as someone who jumped on beds in her childhood and coaxed her into doing just that. (TNG: "Rascals")

According to The Doctor, the database used in creating the Emergency Medical Hologram contained "everything there is to know about pediatric care and childhood development." (VOY: "Real Life")

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