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Christopher "Chris" Howell is a stuntman, stunt actor, stunt coordinator, and second unit director who performed stunts in Star Trek: Insurrection.

Howell is the father of actor C. Thomas Howell. In 2002 he was nominated for a Taurus World Stunt Award for best specialty stunt in Swordfish, alongside Star Trek stunt performers Darrin Prescott, Chris Palermo, Jay Caputo, Tim Rigby, and Frank Lloyd.

Among his stunt resume are films such as The Poseidon Adventure (1972), Survival Run (1979), Urban Cowboy (1980), Cutter's Way (1981, with Jack Murdock, Tony Epper, and Andy Epper), The Sword and the Sorcerer 81982), Amityville 3-D (1983), Iron Eagle (1986), Miracle Mile (1988, with Denise Crosby, Robert DoQui, Earl Boen, Raphael Sbarge, Brian Thompson, Jenette Goldstein, William Schallert, and stunts by Eugene Collier, John Gillespie, Stephen R. Hudis, Kim Koscki, Ken Lesco, Dennis Madalone, Paula Moody, and Lincoln Simonds), Road House (1989), RoboCop 2 (1990), Hook (1991), Fearless (1993), Speed (1994), Jailbreakers (1994), Showgirls (1995, with Gina Ravarra and stunts by LaFaye Baker, Simone Boisseree, Steve Blalock, Gary Combs, Gilbert Combs, Mark De Alessandro, Maria R. Kelly, J. Suzanne Rampe, Sharon Schaffer, and Jennifer Watson), Barb Wire (1996), Independence Day (1996), Lost Highway (1997), Out to Sea (1997, with Brent Spiner), Very Bad Things (1998, with Christian Slater), Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999), The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle (2000, with Jason Alexander), The Patriot (2000), Swordfish (2001), Gods and Generals (2003), The Garden (2005), and Elizabethtown (2005).

Howell has also performed stunts in television series such as The Mod Squad (1969, with Monte Markham), Moonlighting (1985, with Robert Ellenstein, Sam Hennings, Brian Thompson, and stunts by Gregory J. Barnett, Keii Johnston, and Pat Romano), and Kindred: The Embraced (1996, with Brigid Brannagh, Jeff Kober, and Brian Thompson).

He has directed the second unit for films and television series such as Moonlighting (1985-1986), Breaking the Rules (1992), Truth or Consequences, N.M. (1997), and Mutiny (1999).

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