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Christian Humberg (born 1976) is a German author, translator, literary editor, and journalist.

Together with Bernd Perplies, he wrote the novels of the Star Trek: Prometheus series, the first German language-original novels: Feuer gegen Feuer, Der Ursprung allen Zorns, and Ins Herz des Chaos. In 2017 and 2018, the English translations of those novels were released: Fire with Fire The Root of All Rage, and In the Heart of Chaos.

Humberg is a prolific fantasy and science-fiction author, having written many books for existing franchises (such as Perry Rhodan Neo) and, together with Perplies, original creations such as Drachengasse 13.

Humberg has also translated several Star Trek-books into German, from the DS9 Relaunch and Typhon Pact novel series as well as the USS Enterprise Owners' Workshop Manual.

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