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Christine Ann Boylan (born 25 July 1977; age 42) is a comic book author from New York. She has worked with DC Comics on issues of Superman, Heroes, and The Legion of Super-Heroes In The 31st Century. She has also worked with Del Rey Manga on their Avril Lavigne book and Tokyopop adapting a number of stories including Loveless. Her only Star Trek works to date are the writing of the story "Communications Breakdown" in "Kakan ni Shinkou" and "The Picardian Knot" in "Boukenshin" from Tokyopop.

In addition to her comic book work, she won the Cohen award for playwriting for her off-Broadway play Every Third Thought in which a lonely man tries to stay up every year for the switch to Standard Time, believing that night magical enough to let him rewind his life. She has also worked on several television shows including 3 Lbs. and Gilmore Girls.

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