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Christopher Canole is an actor, writer, photographer, artist, designer, and teacher who portrayed the role of a Viking warrior in the Star Trek: Voyager first season episode "Heroes and Demons". According to Canole, he was chosen for the role as an extra because the producers knew he was a fencing coach at UCSD, adding that "they selected me in case they wanted to ad lib some swordplay, but after we got made-up that idea was forgotten." (From contributor's email correspondence)

At one point, Canole was invited by Jonathan Frakes to be a Borg in Star Trek: First Contact, but he was in Europe making another movie at the time, and was unable to fill the role. According to Canole, "one of the fun bits of trivia is that once they take your measurements you are placed in a permanent wardrobe file. So, if Jonathan [Frakes] ever calls me back, I will be on file, hopefully not for a red Star Trek uniform." (From contributor's email correspondence)

Canole was later Jonathan Frakes' personal set photographer while he starred in the TV movie Dying to Live (which also co-starred Carey Scott). Canole described this as "one of the funniest assignments of my life since [Frakes] is such a practical joker." (From contributor's email correspondence)

He later worked as the photographer for Planet Hollywood, where he photographed many Star Trek cast members during the various Planet Hollywood grand openings around the world.

Throughout the mid-to-late 1990s, Canole picked up several small acting roles in such made-for-TV movies as Come Die with Me: A Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer Mystery (co-starring with Geoff Meed, Bert Remsen, and Brian Brophy) and Sleep, Baby, Sleep (co-starring Brian Brophy and Joanna Cassidy). He also appeared in Dare to Love (co-starring James B. Sikking), Danielle Steele's The Ring (also co-starring James B. Sikking), and The Perfect Getaway (co-starring Alicia Coppola, Castulo Guerra, Bill Mondy, and Michael Papajohn).

Recently Canole has focused on writing screenplays, a number of which have won him several awards.

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