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For the prime universe counterpart, please see Christopher Pike.

Christopher Pike was the commanding officer of the ISS Enterprise until his assassination by James T. Kirk through use of the Tantalus field, who subsequently rose to the position of captain.

In 2267, Kirk's counterpart from a parallel universe, the two of whom had switched places due to a transporter malfunction, learned of Pike's assassination by querying the computer as to Kirk's official record. (TOS: "Mirror, Mirror")


In the novelization of "Mirror, Mirror", Pike assumed command of the Enterprise in 2251 when he assassinated the previous captain. Karl Franz (β).

In Star Trek: Mirror Images, Pike was commanding officer with Kirk as his first officer.

In the Star Trek: Ongoing comic based on the alternate reality created by Nero, There were two different versions of the mirror Christopher Pike. In "Mirrored, Part 2", Pike was a Senator.

In "Live Evil, Part 3", According to a second mirror version of James T. Kirk, Pike was captain of ISS Enterprise (ICC-1701) (β) was a "maniac who loved to nothing more than torturing helpless ensigns." He would be killed by Kirk who was Pike's first officer.

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