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Christopher Shea (born 21 July 1969; age 50) is an actor who appeared in episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Star Trek: Voyager, and Star Trek: Enterprise. Shea was cast as Keevan for Deep Space Nine on 21 July 1997.

For the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Think Tank", Shea filmed his scenes as Saowin on Friday 15 January 1999 on Paramount Stage 9 with a makeup call at 7:30 am and a set call at 10:30 am. For the Enterprise episode "Detained", he filmed his scenes on Tuesday 5 February 2002, Tuesday 12 February 2002, and Wednesday 13 February 2002 on Paramount Stage 18 and 9.

Shea appeared in episodes of The Drew Carey Show (starring Diedrich Bader and John Carroll Lynch), The West Wing (with Bill Bolender, John de Lancie and Robert Pine), Charmed (with Simon Templeman and Wade Andrew Williams), Frasier (starring Kelsey Grammer), The Shield (starring Michael Jace, Jay Karnes, and Benito Martinez), Cold Case (executive produced by Roxann Dawson), The Practice (with Tony Amendola), CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (starring Wallace Langham and with K Callan), Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (starring Steven Weber), Desperate Housewives (starring Teri Hatcher, Neal McDonough, Mark Moses, and Brenda Strong, and with Thomas Kopache and Kevin Rahm), and Til Death (with K Callan).

In addition to his television career, Shea has worked in a handful of films, including The Specials (2000, with Abdul Salaam El Razzac), All You Need (2001, with Robert Pine), and Leaving Barstow (2008, with Steven Culp and Scott Klace).

In addition to film and television, Shea has lent his talent to the video game The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery on which he worked with Brad Greenquist, Kay E. Kuter, Andrea Martin, and Clement von Franckenstein.

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