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Coming of age live action plate

A blue screen in place of the USS Enterprise-D's viewscreen during production

The Vulcan Hello greenscreen

Sonequa Martin-Green filmed in front of a green screen

Chroma key, also known as blue screen or green screen, was a colored backdrop used for shooting scenes whose backgrounds would later be filled in with CGI scenery.

Green screens were used in several episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise such as the first season episodes "Terra Nova", "Breaking the Ice", and "Civilization".

Archer shows Nadet Enterprise

The cockpit window with a later-added CGI image of Enterprise

For "Terra Nova", a green screen was used for the scene in which Captain Archer and Nadet watch Enterprise NX-01 through the window of the Shuttlepod 1 cockpit, as noted on the call sheet.

T'Pol and Phlox in the mess hall, June of 2151

A scene from "The Andorian Incident" where a green screen was used before a moving starfield was added

The call sheet for the episode "The Andorian Incident" listed a green screen in the mess hall scenes, replaced later in post-production by a moving starfield. Another green screen was used during filming of this episode and raised on a platform for a view through a metallic door in a Vulcan reliquary, depicting later a CGI-created matte painting of a Vulcan listening post. ("The Andorian Incident" call sheet)

A green screen was also used and placed on the monitor in Archer's quarters at the beginning of the first season episode "Fortunate Son". Later, the monitor was "filled" with a recorded message from Admiral Maxwell Forrest. ("Fortunate Son" call sheet)

Star Trek: Discovery used green screens to film Michael Burnham's spacewalk scenes in DIS: "The Vulcan Hello", as well as scenes aboard the USS Shenzhou's damaged brig. [1]

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