The Chrysalians were a spacefaring race. They were a neutral people who, as of the mid-2360s, had been at peace for ten generations and who were "uninvolved in all interstellar matters of consequence."

In 2366, they hired a Betazoid/Human hybrid, Devinoni Ral, to handle their affairs in negotiation for the Barzan wormhole. The Chrysalians felt they had the resources, technology, and science to oversee a wormhole, and Ral was able to secure exclusive rights to the wormhole by manipulating the Caldonians, the Ferengi, and the Federation. Eventually, the wormhole was determined to be useless, but Ral expected the Chrysalians to be understanding due to his previous services to them when he returned to report to them. (TNG: "The Price")

According to a deleted scene from the episode, the Chrysalian homeworld is called Chrysalia and Chrysalian women outnumber men by four to one.
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