Chuft-Captain was the Kzinti captain of the privateer ship Traitor's Claw, who led an ambush on the Federation shuttlecraft Copernicus on stardate 4187.3 in 2269.

Chuft-Captain and his crew made use of an empty Slaver stasis box to divert the shuttle, manned by Spock, Hikaru Sulu and Nyota Uhura of the starship USS Enterprise, to a small icebound world in the Beta Lyrae system, in hopes of finding a powerful weapon inside a second box, which the shuttle was transporting to Starbase 25. This mission was secretly sponsored by the Kzinti government, though it would be disavowed by the Highest of Kzin in the event of its failure.

Chuft-Captain had never tasted Human meat, and indicated he would welcome the opportunity to do so, as his ancestors had in the course of the wars previously fought between Humans and Kzinti.

Chuft-Captain was killed along with his crew when the weapon found inside the second stasis box engaged its own self-destruct function, having determined itself to have fallen into enemy hands. (TAS: "The Slaver Weapon")

The voice of Chuft-Captain was provided by James Doohan.
His rank is rendered as part of his name in the script, which corresponds to Kzinti naming conventions as devised by the species' creator, Larry Niven, and used by Niven in his various stories of the Known Space Universe. However, this fact was not explicitly discussed in the episode.

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