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Cindy Griffo Sorensen (born 11 September 1961; age 59) is an actress who worked on Star Trek: The Next Generation, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, and Star Trek: Voyager. In addition to her work on-screen she was a recurring stand-in for child actors including Michelle Horn in the Deep Space Nine sixth season episode "Tears of the Prophets". An image of Sorensen and fellow stand-in Clynell Jackson III from this episode can be seen on page 131 in the reference work Star Trek: Action!.

Sorensen appeared in films such as Captain EO (1986), The Dark Backward (1991, with Tom Hodges), Josh Kirby… Time Warrior: Chapter 5, Journey to the Magic Cavern (1995, with Derek Webster and Matt Winston), I Got the Hook Up (1998, with Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Jr.), Little Nicky (2000, with Tommy "Tiny" Lister, Jr., Michael McKean, Clint Howard, Christopher Carroll, Jeff Imada, and stunts by Anita Hart, Brennan Dyson, and Johnny Martin), and Music Within (2007, with Clint Howard).

She also appeared in television series such as Evening Shade (1994) and The Norm Show (1999, with Nikki Cox) and has been married to fellow actor Joseph Griffo.

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