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The following is a list of non-Starfleet Federation starships. Starfleet regulations, such as the Prime Directive, is waived for these ships. (TNG: "Angel One")

Ship Name Registry Class
Arcos Unknown Antares-class
SS Artemis Unknown Colony ship
Astral Queen Unknown Transport
SS Augyn NGA-24858 Transport
Aurora NC-17740 Class J starship
SS Beagle Unknown Class 4 stardrive vessel
SS Columbia NC-5940-1 Survey vessel
SS Dierdre Unknown freighter
DEV Eagle Valley Unknown DY-950
SS Hatteras Unknown DY-245
SS Kogin NAR-24016 Transport
SS Lakul NFT-7793 Whorfin-class
SS Manila NGA-20124 Transport
SS Manoa NAR-28474 Transport
Milan Unknown transport
SS Molokai Unknown Unknown
Norkova Unknown Antares-class
Odin Unknown freighter
USS Raven NAR-32450 Raven-type
SS Robert Fox NFT-1327 Whorfin-class
SS Santa Maria BDR-529 Erewon-class
SS Shiku Maru NBT-30894 Unknown
Stella Unknown Class J starship
The Festoon Unknown Transport
SS Vico NAR-18834 Oberth-class
SS Wisconsin NAR-50732 Unknown
SS Xhosa Unknown Antares-class

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