Harry Kim playing Concerto in A Major

Harry Kim plays the clarinet...

Harry Kim plays the clarinet, The Thaw

...while Tom Paris visits Kim in his quarters

The clarinet was an Earth musical instrument.

Keiko O'Brien played the clarinet in a woodwind quintet on the USS Enterprise-D. (TNG: "In Theory")

When Jean-Luc Picard played on his Ressikan flute in 2369, he was accompanied by a computerized clarinet and cello, but later changed the clarinet to an oboe. (TNG: "A Fistful of Datas")

Harry Kim was an adept clarinet player, but left his instrument behind when he reported aboard the USS Voyager. His mother asked Captain Janeway if she could send it to him, but there wasn't sufficient time. (VOY: "Caretaker") In 2372, Harry ate Neelix's galley food for a week (saving up his replicator rations) to produce a new clarinet to practice with. (VOY: "Parturition") At least a couple times, he practiced playing the instrument while Tom Paris was visiting him in his quarters. (VOY: "Parturition", "The Thaw") In 2373, he played his clarinet at a Voyager talent night. (VOY: "Coda") He composed a solo, Echoes of the Void, that he played on the instrument in 2375. (VOY: "Night") Kim also played clarinet in the jazz combo Harry Kim and the Kimtones. (VOY: "Virtuoso")

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