The Clash was the name the Vori gave to their conflict with the Kradin. Both factions referred to the other as the "nemesis". By 2374, it was said to have been going on for more then a decade. It was limited to an area of the planet called the clash zone, the center of which was on the southernmost continent.

The Vori aim was to drive the Kradin from their sphere. According to the Vori, the Kradin flamed their homes, fumed their villages, took their plantings, and desecrated their dead. They claimed this to be unwarranted, as the Vori had never killed the Kradin or taken their plantings.

The Kradin, on the other hand, claimed to be defending themselves against a particularly savage aggressor, which shot without warning, used biochemical weapons, and routinely massacred civilians. One certainty was that the Vori used sophisticated brainwashing techniques to indoctrinate soldiers, who could be conscripted against their wills. These were said to include their own people as well as any aliens they were able to capture.

The Vori telling of the war included settlements of Vori refugees, driven from their homes and plantings and lacking in technology, within the clash zone. Kradin might take these populations for toiling, or fast-walk them to extermination facilities if they were too old. The war zone included Vori training camps, said to be in the dozens, and possibly at least one restock unit. The Kradin claimed to have command posts, and considered some territory to be in the hands of the enemy. The Kradin employed aerial craft and commando units as well as commandants. Troops might be under the command of an ambassador. (VOY: "Nemesis")

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