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Claude Earl Jones (born 29 April 1933; age 85) is a character actor who made an appearance in an early episode of Star Trek: The Original Series.

According to an article from the June 1993 edition of Starlog (p. 62):

"I did one of the very early Treks, but you wouldn't recognize me. I was 60 pounds lighter, 20 years younger, had more hair, and a different name I will not tell!" the actor chuckles. "I played 'Lipshitz.' You know what a 'Lipshitz' is on Star Trek? He's the expendable!

"On any episode, when there's a party going down on the planet, Captain Kirk, Spock and the Doctor are going, the guy behind them is Lipshitz! You know who's gonna get wasted down on the planet, don't you? When a guy goes to the planet who isn't part of the regular team, he's gonna get it! I got zapped and I don't think I had more than two lines. It was a one-day thing."

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