Reed pursuits a novan

Reed passing a clearing

Akaali clearing

A clearing on the Akaali homeworld

A clearing was an open space in a forest, free of the trees that dominated the majority of the woodlands.

When Malcolm Reed pursued a Novan through the forest of Terra Nova until he arrived at the entrance to a cave, he passed several clearings. (ENT: "Terra Nova")

The clearings on Terra Nova were filmed on location at the Polsa Rosa Ranch in Acton, California. (Call sheets)

In 2151, a Malurian brought several crates to a small clearing in the forest on the Akaali homeworld by using a cart. He then contacted a Malurian shuttle which transported the crates aboard by using a tractor beam. (ENT: "Civilization")

According to the call sheet of the filming day, Friday 21 September 2001, the location "Ext. Forest Clearing" was built on Paramount Stage 9.

In 2256, while making a spore jump to the mirror universe, rather than the intended destination of Starbase 46, Paul Stamets said that there was a clearing in the forest. (DIS: "Into the Forest I Go")

Sometime later, while trapped in the mycelial network, Stamets saw what seemed to be a ghost or vision of his recently murdered partner Doctor Hugh Culber, who told him to get to the clearing. (DIS: "Vaulting Ambition")

Commanded by Acting Captain Saru, the USS Discovery spore jumped to the prime universe, because Stamets used the clearing in the mycelial forest to get them there. (DIS: "What's Past Is Prologue")

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